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Archive for the 'Iran' Category

How To Spot a Persian Prostitute

It’s strangely ironic that prostitution can exist in an Iranian holy city, though I guess the world’s oldest profession will always find a way.


Hamas is a Terrorist Group While Iran is Not?

Obama puts forward the “the same incoherent litmus test he mentioned a few days ago.” This is a test that “conveniently allows him to talk to Iran — a sovereign state … but otherwise guilty of the same sins he lists vis-a-vis Hamas — while ignoring Hamas lest it put him on the wrong side of pro-Israel voters.”

My question is how does one not consider Iran to be a terrorist organization? Yes, it has borders, yes it has a hierarchical structure unlike the network-based structure of a terrorist organization. But Iran still wants to DESTROY Israel. Iran is still funding terrorist groups, giving money to the families of suicide bombers, and training forces that are killing U.S. and allied soldiers.

To me, Iran is a terrorist organization dressed up as a state. Obama, Clinton, Carter, or the State Department can talk all they want with Iran. This won’t change Iran’s goals of ruling the middle-east and pushing the Jewish people into the sea. It took millions of lives and a world war to realize that Hitler wasn’t playing around. Will it take that much to force us to realize Iran isn’t playing around?

What’s even scarier nowadays is the realistic possibility that a so-called state can conceivably pass off a nuke to a terrorist organization who would then detonate it wherever it pleases. There would be no smoking gun and it would be nearly impossible to connect officially such an action to a “state.” Just by virtue of having borders and some form of centralized government, Iran can allow “unaffiliated” terrorist organizations do its dirty work while it can bask in one of the benefits of statehood, namely unending diplomacy and talks which further legitimizes an undeserving and dangerous terrorist organization state.

Non-violence and Diplomacy vs. Evil

I found this quote over at Overcoming Bias:

“The simple fact is that non-violent means do not work against Evil. Gandhi’s non-violent resistance against the British occupiers had some effect because Britain was wrong, but not Evil. The same is true of the success of non-violent civil rights resistance against de jure racism. Most people, including those in power, knew that what was being done was wrong. But Evil is an entirely different beast. Gandhi would have gone to the ovens had he attempted non-violent resistance against the Nazis. When one encounters Evil, the only solution is violence, actual or threatened. That’s all Evil understands.”

Robert Bruce Thompson

What immediately came to my mind is the current situation in the Middle East, Iraq, Syria, and especially Iran. By all outward appearances and indications, the leaders of Iran appear to be religious whackos that would destroy Israel if they thought they could get away with it. They claim they are developing nuclear capabilities only for civilian and peaceful uses, but this claim lacks any sort of credibility. Who is the judge of when diplomacy and non-violent sanctions can no longer work? I get the feeling that in the next ten years, the world will most likely be witness to a “test” detonation of a nuclear weapon, either in Iran or in Israel. By then it is too late. As Thompson pointed out, Evil cannot be persuaded with non-violence.

I have a difficult time of seeing the Iranian leadership in any other light.

What Will Happen If/When We Leave Iraq?

Despite how he hates how Iraq has long been mismanaged, Ralph Peters writes that there is not a sensible way of leaving Iraq that won’t undercut American security and won’t produce massive innocent casualties.  Continue reading ‘What Will Happen If/When We Leave Iraq?’

Iran Slowing Down on the Whole Nuclear Enrichment Thingy

I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that the United Nations and many other countries would rather see Iran obtain nukes than America launch a new war to prevent said nukes from becoming a reality. Continue reading ‘Iran Slowing Down on the Whole Nuclear Enrichment Thingy’

Capitulation, Gullibility, Incompetence

Last week I read an article entitled “How the Reagan Administration Taught Iran the Wrong Lessons.” I feel like I learned a lot about the U.S.’s dealings with Iran in the 80s and I was greatly saddened by what went on, especially so because this happened under Reagan. Our dealings with what the administration deemed to be “moderates” during the hostage situations and the constant reneging of promises are proof enough to me that Iran does not deserve anyone’s trust. Continue reading ‘Capitulation, Gullibility, Incompetence’